Conflict Resolution/Facilitated Discussion


Facilitated Discussion (FD) is a form of alternative dispute resolution for injured workers where workplace relationship issues or interpersonal conflict presents as a barrier. It is a voluntary process that offers a safe and supportive environment for workers to identify and discuss the barriers to returning to work.

FD assists workers on reaching a mutual agreement and determining a pathway forward with their employer and/or other participant involved. The service is broken down into two parts:

Step 1 (Part A) – pre-meetings

Step 2 (Part B) – mediation meeting

An independent FD consultant (who holds National Mediator Accreditation System credentials) conducts both Part A and Part B of the service:

Step 1 (Part A) – is where separate meetings with the worker and other participants occur

Step 2 (Part B) – is where joint meetings between the worker and other participants occur