Why choose Work Able Consulting?


Work Able Consulting is committed to delivering a premium occupational rehabilitation service to all stakeholders in the return to work process to ensure timely return to work outcomes are achieved.

Work Able Consulting commenced operations in Victoria in 2003.  Work Able Consulting currently employs more than 95 staff members throughout Victoria.

Through a commitment to deliver a quality service on a consistent basis and having regard to the organisation’s key service principles of a consultative, collaborative and transparent approach, Work Able Consulting has been able to achieve outstanding return to work outcomes over an extended period of time.

Our dedicated teams are passionate about assisting injured clients with achieving safe and sustainable return to work outcomes.

Our teams are focused on developing relationships with all stakeholders involved in a return to work program to ensure the return to work outcome is clearly defined and all stakeholders are working towards achieving the same result.

Our first team is the Original Employer Services (OES) team where team members have varying allied health backgrounds such as Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Registered Nurses, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Psychologists.  The focus for our OES team is to assist injured clients return to work with their original employers.

Our second team is the New Employer Services (NES) team where team members work towards assisting injured clients secure suitable and sustainable employment with a new employer, when they are unable to return to work at their pre-injury workplace.  Team members have varying academic and professional backgrounds, however, each are experts in assisting clients return to work in their suited labour market.